Our student program

Meet new people

CSE hires more than 50 students every semester, so you will be part of a community of students. You’ll meet students from different programs and from different colleges and universities across Canada – with plenty of opportunities to build friendships and participate in social and sports events outside of work.

On your first day with us, you will attend an orientation and meet the head of CSE. Over the course of your first day, you’ll receive information about CSE as well as the different services we offer to our employees. Once orientation is finished, your new manager will meet with you personally and introduce you to your new workplace.

During your work term, CSE organizes a networking session so you can meet and chat with other hiring managers. This is a great opportunity to line up your next placement – or possibly even a permanent position once you graduate.

At CSE, we recognize that students are the next generation of great CSE leaders - many of our full-time employees began their careers in our student employee program.

Explore your options. Develop new skills. Gain experience.

To get a step ahead in today’s competitive job market you need to gain practical experience before you graduate.

We invite you to work with top professionals in your field at CSE, located in Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital.

At CSE we work hard – but we understand the value of play, too.

Our student employment program has been in place since 1995 – offering positions to students across a variety of disciplines.

We recruit students from across Canada and we offer more than 50 placements per semester to Canadian citizens who are registered full-time in a Canadian post-secondary program.

If you want to investigate a career choice that makes a difference – to really contribute to Canada and to keeping Canadians safe – CSE may be just the place for you.