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CSE is an intelligence agency whose impactful mission helps protect Canada and Canadians. Want to help us make a difference? We hire professionals in all fields.


Job types

CSE recruits people from just about every discipline. Yes, we need mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers. But we have many employees with arts and humanities backgrounds, like linguists, policy advisors and communications specialists. And like any government department, we need corporate services professionals like project managers, accountants and HR advisors.

For a better idea of career opportunities at CSE, browse the following job types:

  • foreign language intelligence analyst

    As a foreign language intelligence analyst at CSE, you will use your language and critical thinking skills to assess the significance of intelligence materials.

    Your work could include:

    • research
    • analysis
    • translation
    • transcription
    • report writing
    • using information and communication technology
  • engineer

    As an engineer at CSE, you will use our state-of-the-art equipment and your own technical skills to enable CSE’s foreign intelligence gathering, cyber security and foreign cyber operations.

    Your work could include:

    • designing and building security solutions
    • testing and evaluating hardware, software and networking equipment
    • troubleshooting and debugging networks
    • providing advice and guidance
  • mathematician

    As a mathematician at CSE, you will work on some of today’s most fascinating and challenging mathematical problems in support of Canada’s national interests.

    You might conduct research in the following fields:

    • cryptography
    • number theory
    • group theory
    • finite field theory
    • linear algebra
    • probability theory
    • mathematical statistics
    • computer science
    • data mining
    • combinatorics
  • computer science specialist

    As a computer science specialist at CSE, you will be part of a leading-edge team, using innovative thinking to solve complex technological problems.

    Your work could include:

    • software development
    • performance analysis
    • software reverse engineering
    • cryptography / cryptanalysis
    • analyzing malicious software
    • analyzing cyber security data
  • human resources professional

    As a human resources professional at CSE, you will develop and implement strategies that keep CSE running smoothly by taking care of our most valuable asset: our people.

    Your work might include:

    • recruiting new employees
    • devising and implementing learning and development programs
    • advising clients
    • managing employee relations
    • ensuring compliance with relevant legislation on key HR policies
  • other important roles

    CSE recruits employees from a broad range of disciplines. Like any government department, we need:

    • finance professionals
    • accountants
    • procurement specialists
    • facilities management professionals
    • business planners
    • clerks
    • administrative professionals
    • project managers
    • communications and marketing specialists
    • and more

    If you don’t see an existing job posting matching your skills, you can apply through the General Stream.


"Previously, as a software development contractor, I have had the opportunity to work at small start-ups, large private industry and other government sectors. I joined CSE as a contractor because I had heard it was an exciting and innovative place to work. A few years later I was hired in as an employee when the opportunity presented itself."

More about Chris, Developer – Operational systems at CSE "CSE as a culture has the perfect blend (in my opinion) of a large software development house with long thinking investing in research and development at the leading edge of information technology yet still maintaining the culture and feel of a small tech start-up. CSE also provides the unique opportunity not available in many technical positions - to learn about more diverse aspects of technology than would typically be available at one company that uses technology to facilitate their line of business - at CSE technology *is* our business. Anyone talented and passionate about technology could branch out into almost any aspect of technology despite what they currently work on and despite what they have worked on in the past."

Developer – Operational systems at CSE

"My name is John, and I used to work for the RCMP until June of 2014.  "I had the opportunity to work with someone that was seconded to the RCMP that came from CSE.  That opportunity led me to ask myself “…what is this CSE department that I never heard of?”   (Back then CSE was much more secretive than it is today and the thought of employees providing testimonials was impossible!)  Well, after a bit of research online about CSE’s mandate I made the leap of faith, left the RCMP and joined CSE.  It was like a breath of fresh air." 
More about John, Manager COMSEC Operations at CSE "This hidden department of only a few thousand employees was exactly what I was looking for career wise.  The first thing that struck me was the amount of onboarding support – it was nice to have an overview of what CSE does in presentations from the people that do it.   Since joining CSE six years ago, I have made my way to a position of Manager and now have the privilege of leading an excellent team of individuals who are all like-minded about keeping Canadians and Canada’s most important information safe.  I have a minimum of 12 years or so to go before I can retire (if I want to!) and plan on remaining here at CSE.   If you are ready to get through the security gates and “can keep a secret”, I would recommend you take a look at joining us here."
Manager COMSEC Operations at CSE



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