Joseph - Analyst

I began my career at CSE as a co-op student, and over 13 years later, I am still amazed at how much fun it is to work here! There are non-stop technical challenges and brilliant people to work with, who will help you solve some of the most complex problems in the world. I've worked on ground breaking projects involving some of the coolest technology out there, including super computers and mobile devices, and everything in between. If you are looking for never ending learning opportunities to expand your skillset, CSE is the place for you. Another great thing about CSE are the flexible work hours and programs that allow you to take extended periods of time off work to pursue outside interests. I took a six month self-funded leave and was guaranteed my position when I came back!"

Gabriel - Team Lead

Before I started here at CSE I wasn't sure what to expect from a software development job with the Federal government. After working for 8 years in the private sector I had my doubts.

Everyone heard the stories about the lazy public servant staring at Google all day because he has nothing to do. I was pleasantly surprised that CSE comes nowhere close to this. Quite the opposite, its flexible working hours and its large and qualified developer community resemble more a private company.

Developing large scale systems at the cutting edge of technology, with dynamic and open minded people, are some of the reason I love working here so much.

Out of the four project I have been on in the past five years I have been challenged in all aspect of software development. I have worked on a large quantities of technologies ranging from Perl scripting, Web based tools and Fat Clients to Messaging Systems, 3 tiers J2EE applications and large OO or relational databases. You name it CSE has it.

For people like me that does not like to do the same thing all the time and enjoys variety in their work, CSE is the best.

Its matrixes development environment facilitates exchanges of developers across teams, which lets you learn and perfect more skills as a computer programmer.

Since I started here, I feel that my value in the work market has increased tremendously with the experience I have acquired.

I have no intention of leaving anytime soon.

Nadir – Foreign Language Intelligence Analyst

I have been working as a Foreign Language Intelligence Analyst at CSE for almost a year. I continue to be amazed at how interesting and diverse my job is. There are never-ending opportunities to learn new things. The excellent in-house training programs actively encourage career development.

I have been able to combine my knowledge of international affairs, language abilities and technical skills in a rewarding career that directly contributes to national security and protecting the interests of Canadians.

My job is stimulating because I am required to keep up-to-date on international issues and must respond to world events on a regular basis.

I also enjoy liaising with other government departments and our international partners.

One of the most remarkable things I have noticed about CSE compared to other places I have worked is that all of its employees, from new hires to twenty-five year veterans, love their jobs, have a sense of the mission and are happy to be working for what is probably Canada's most fascinating agency.

Elaine – Intelligence Analyst

A social science / arts background may at first-glance seem like an odd background for an Intelligence Analyst but I'm certainly not the only one here at CSE.

It's the training in creative yet critical and logical thinking acquired at university and through experience which really helps me in my job. Of course a willingness to learn technical information is also helpful, but I'm often astounded by the wide range of backgrounds my colleagues bring to CSE. These include physicists, chemists, biologists, musicians, linguists, historians, etc.

The work of an intelligence analyst is multi-faceted. It involves thinking like a target to try and determine where and how valuable information might be gleaned. It involves identifying seemingly disparate pieces of information and putting them into context.

Finally, intelligence analysts must combine the information they've acquired with contextual and background information and communicate this clearly to our clients. There are plenty of learning and training opportunities as well as the occasion to test your skills against a wide range of targets.

In short, intelligence analysts are part academics, part detectives and part technical experts; I find the combination of these roles truly rewarding and fulfilling.

William – Software Systems Analyst

The work in my area provides a fast-paced and challenging environment, which has me surrounded by positive personalities, and bright and motivated minds.

The culture at CSE is unlike any other I've ever experienced. We are constantly challenging each other to excel. I've learned something new every day for the past four and a half years. Each day flies by, and my prioritization, organizational, business analysis, architecture, management and development skills have all benefited greatly.

The environment has typically facilitated the embrace of proper technology solutions, resulting in well developed products, because the deadlines aren't as cut-throat as in industry.

I gave up a promising career in the music industry because I loved this job so much.

Kim – Policy Advisor

What I enjoy the most about my work at CSEC as a Policy Advisor is the breadth of knowledge I am gaining about the organization as a whole and about the rest of Government. My team is positioned to support the Chief of CSE as well as the Minister of National Defence and the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister. Because of this, I am gaining invaluable policy experience in a wide range of areas.

I also appreciate the fact that not everyone has to have a background in computer science or mathematics to work at CSE. My policy colleagues have greatly varied educational backgrounds, including history, library sciences, political science, economics, and literature. It makes for a diverse and high-calibre work environment where different perspectives and approaches are not only respected, but also encouraged.

Working with so many other departments and agencies—the Privy Council Office, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Department of National Defence, and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, to name a few—is another great part of this job, as is developing key skills, such as networking and relationship building, research and policy development, analytical thinking, and knowledge of Government operations. All of these are contributing to a rewarding policy career in the Public Service.