Enabling New And Existing Public Servants To Be In The Right Place, At The Right Time, Doing The Right Things


In order to deliver on CSE’s unique mandate, we require highly-skilled and innovative employees. We face rapidly evolving technology in an increasingly interconnected global environment. Demands for our intelligence products and our cyber security expertise are on the rise, and more creative solutions are required to enable operations. We recognize the value that diverse cultural, social and technical perspectives bring to our success. Fostering an inclusive work environment to attract, develop and leverage the talents of Canada’s brightest individuals, in a highly competitive race for top technical skills, is essential.

Building a Public Service that is more diverse and inclusive

In 2016, CSE launched the Diversity tile under our MOSAiC initiative and assigned an executive champion to promote diversity and inclusion in our workplace. Since then, we’ve been busy! Within Government, CSE has led a Security and Intelligence (S&I) community Tiger Team to increase collaboration on diversity and inclusion activities across partner departments. Within CSE, our Diversity Champions stood up the Advisory Committee on Diversity, Inclusion and Employment Equity (ACDEE), developed a three-year Action Plan (2017-2020) and launched new sub-communities including Diversity & Recruitment, STEM, Women in Cyber and Intelligence (WICI), and the Inclusion Working Group, all made up of passionate volunteers. While there’s certainly more work to do, thanks to these volunteers we’ve made some great progress towards creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Here are some of the highlights:

Diversity Tile

To ensure that CSE is inclusive, diverse and has measures and policies to remove barriers that could negatively impact employees.

Diversity Tile Champion + Employment Equity And Diversity Office + Volunteers = ACDEE

Annual series of events that highlight diversity in our organization:

Diversity Action Plan (2017-2020)

Women in Cyber and Intelligence

Age – Exploring generations

Multiculturalism Day

International Women’s Day

Aboriginal Awareness Week

World Religion Day

International Day for Persons with Disabilities

Day of Pink

World Health Day

Diverse Recruitment Pilot

Diversity Tiger Team

Humans Of CSE

Humans of CSE Series which highlights our diversity through our stories:

40 plus stories from across the organization

Honoring Our Past

Over the course of the past year we commemorated 70 years of service by celebrating “Our People, Our Business and World-Changing Events”. Honouring our past promotes a culture of pride and inspires employees to make their own mark on our organization.


#GC2020 Story : Tackling gender inequality in science, technology, engineering, math and computer science (STEM) fields

Issue or Driver:

Women represent the majority of young university graduates, but are still underrepresented in the science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science (STEM) fields that CSE relies on heavily to deliver its mandate. At CSE, about 20% of our employees in STEM fields are women. While we are proud of the fact that CSE is doing better than many other IT-centric organizations, we know there is still much room to improve.



So what are we doing about it? Lots! This year we:

  • Actively participated in The National Women Chairs & Committee Working Group led by the Department of National Defence.
  • Hosted a special speakers’ panel, including an address by the Chief of CSE for International Women’s Day.
  • Launched CSE’s very first women’s committee. The committee, Women in Cyber and Intelligence (WICI) was established to improve the status of women at CSE with 15 board members of diverse backgrounds. The launch event featured distinguished speakers including RAdm Bennette (Director General, Canadian Armed Forces Strategic Response Team on Sexual Misconduct), and Ms. Greta Bossenmaier, Chief of CSE.
  • Increased efforts to recruit nationally, targeting more diverse audiences by attending both college/university and public/ private sector career fairs, and by participating in events that are targeted towards certain audiences. For example, women in engineering and women in high performance computing events.
  • Are sponsoring the Toronto-based not-for-profit HackerGal event to deliver the largest all-girls hackathon in December 2017 to inspire early interest among female students in STEM fields.
Women in Cyber and Intelligence

“We won’t be able to keep up if half of our population, women & girls, are excluded from technological evolution. We need to reach our young girls before they get to high school, to show them what possibilities exist in #STEM fields.” - @cse-cst

Results or Impact:

  • WICI already has over 160 members (82% women and 19% men), four sub-committees led by women of CSE, and over 30 workshops, training and speaker engagements planned for the upcoming year. These programs will empower CSE women by educating them in career development, health and wellness, and policies and procedures.
  • S&I partners continue to supplement internal training opportunities by sponsoring candidates to participate in external leadership development programs. This year, through the WICI, CSE is sponsoring five women in three different leadership programs with the goal of establishing a larger female executive presence in the corning years. The leadership programs include:
    • Cornell University’s Women in Leadership
    • RCMP’s Executive Membership Program
    • Telfer School of Management for Canadian Security & Intelligence Leadership Program
  • In 2016/2017 CSE rehired 52 former students as permanent employees, wherein 50% were women.

#GC2020 Story : Enhanced LGBTQ2 engagement

Issue or Driver:

The Government of Canada has recognized its systemic oppression of the LGBTQ2 community and collectively S&I members are working to demonstrate organizational support for LGBTQ2 inclusiveness in the community and internally. At CSE it is important that all employees feel like valued contributors and feel safe in their workplace. Through our Diversity tile, CSE recognizes the need to open the lines of communication and continue working towards a more inclusive future.


This year, the newly formed Inclusion Working Group at CSE formally engaged the LGBTQ2 community in an enhanced awareness campaign to promote an inclusive culture at CSE. Together, the groups are leveraging social media, have held information sessions on transgender and non-binary gender identities, and have developed new employee orientation materials including a focus on transgender employees for co-op participants and new hires to ensure a warm welcome to the organization.

CSE also participated in Pride Week, which included an antibullying campaign, to help reduce and eliminate systemic barriers. During this event, CSE painted a permanent walkway with Pride colours as a way of highlighting support for LGBTQ2 employees. Employees were also offered rainbow pins they could wear as a means of showing individual support for the community.

Results or Impact:

More and more employees from the LGBTQ2 community have begun openly sharing their personal stories on the CSE intranet and through the Humans of CSE stories. Employees across the organization can be seen proudly wearing their rainbow pins.


Supporting training and development objectives

People Plans

Working with employees from all levels, tenures, ages and roles to increase employee engagement:

  • To support and promote inspiring leaders
  • To foster a thriving environment
  • To understand our contributions to Canada
  • To develop and empower our people
  • To attract and retain the best talent

Learning And Development Tile

The Learning and Development (L&D) aims to provide our organization with a strong learning and development program that will enable us to become a high-impact learning organization. The L&D vision is to develop an engaged workforce of trusted and competent professionals who have the unique skills and capabilities needed to carry out CSE’s mission.

L&D is embedded in all aspects of the organization and the team is actively engaged in the following activities:

  • Developing leadership skills
  • Learning from Others
  • Cyber security for external clients
  • Learning calendar
  • Learning catalogue and registration
  • Required training
  • Learning exchange
  • Learning help

Ensuring high-quality orientation so employees can contribute from the start

Neighbour Network

The Neighbour Network was created to help new and recently relocated employees feel welcome as soon as they arrive at CSE. We aim to provide a “neighbour” to each new hire, someone outside their team who can answer questions about life in Ottawa and at CSE, be there to chat or grab a coffee with, or even socialize outside of work to help familiarize new staff with their new city.

Foundational Leadership Program (FLP)

New recruits participate as a cohort in the Foundational Learning Program, designed to ensure that new employees feel welcomed, valued and prepared to make strong contributions immediately from the point of their arrival in the organization and throughout their career.

Orientation Partner (OP)

An OP is assigned to each new employee. The OP helps make the new employee comfortable by being a source of information and helping to guide new employees through their first months at CSE.


Mentorship Program

CSE’s mentorship program connects protégés and mentors in different areas of interest:

  • Linguistic
  • Re-inventing Feedback
  • Social Media
  • Traditional
  • Flex Teaming
  • Creating Conditions for Innovative
  • New Employees / Co-ops

Making staffing processes more transparent and efficient

Recruitment Taskforce

  • Partnered with 7 GC partners for the Federal Safety, Security, and Intelligence Career Fair
  • Implemented automated testing and end-to-end process tracking for efficient hiring
  • Eliminated all travel related to testing phase of hiring process
  • Applying lean methodology to streamline our onboarding process
  • Leveraging social media for recrutiment