Protecting the Privacy Rights of Canadians

CSE operates within all Canadian laws, including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Criminal Code, the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Privacy Act. Accordingly, the Department of Justice maintains a team of legal counsel on-site. Members are routinely included in committee and management meetings at all levels of the organization, and are consulted daily on a variety of CSE activities.

CSE is also subject to review by all the same bodies as any other federal department or agency, including the Canadian Human Rights Commissioner, the Privacy Commissioner, the Information Commissioner, the Commissioner of Official Languages, and the Auditor General. In recent years, the Privacy Commissioner, the Information Commissioner and the Auditor General have each conducted reviews at CSE. No concerns related to lawfulness were raised.

Significantly, the same legislation that gives CSE its authority to "acquire and use information from the global information infrastructure," also explicitly states that CSE must protect the privacy of Canadians. As a result, CSE does not direct its activities at Canadians or any person in Canada.