Minister Sajjan tables the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) Commissioner’s 2015-2016 Annual Report

The Commissioner’s Annual Report is a valuable means by which the CSE remains accountable to the Minister of National Defence, to Parliament, and to the Canadian people.

July 20, 2016  Ottawa, ON    Government of Canada

As part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to openness and transparency, the Minister of National Defence today tabled in Parliament the 2015-2016 CSE Commissioner’s Annual Report.  This report was submitted to the Minister by the independent CSE Commissioner as part of his mandate to review activities undertaken by CSE.

In the 2015-2016 annual report, the Commissioner found that all of the CSE activities reviewed complied with the law.  He also made five recommendations to promote compliance with the law and to strengthen existing privacy protections.  All of the recommendations have been accepted by CSE and the Minister.

The CSE Commissioner is a fully independent review body who reviews activities undertaken by CSE, and must review all activities carried out under a Ministerial Authorization.


The Government of Canada is committed to protecting Canadians at home and abroad, while also ensuring that their privacy is respected. Commissioner Plouffe and his office’s review of the vital work conducted by CSE is an essential tool to ensure CSE remains accountable to Canadians despite the security requirements of that work.  I am pleased to table this year’s CSE Commissioner’s Annual Report while confirming that I accept all recommendations the Commissioner has made.” 

Harjit S. Sajjan, Defence Minister


Quick facts

  • The Commissioner and his expert staff have complete access to CSE facilities, information holdings and employees at all stages of their review activities.
  • The Commissioner independently determines which activities his staff will review in any given year.
  • The Commissioner states that CSE has accepted and implemented and/or is working to implement 94% (152) of the 161 recommendations made since 1997, including the five recommendations made this year.
  • Since 1996, CSE has accepted and implemented 100% of the recommendations related to privacy.

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