Government of Canada to Modernize Intelligence Monitoring Infrastructure - October 4, 2010

News Release

NR – 10.119 - October 4, 2010

OTTAWA–The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, is proud to announce the next step in the procurement of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE)’s Long-Term Accommodation (LTA) project. This project involves building a new facility that will house Canada’s national cryptologic agency. Following a rigorous, objective, and competitive evaluation process reviewed by a third-party Fairness Monitor, Plenary Properties has been selected.

"Fully committed to the safety and security of Canadians, our Government is working to safeguard and modernize the critical infrastructure that is key to protecting our national security,” said Minister MacKay. “The new facility will do more than just help to meet the Government’s security and intelligence priorities. The project also promises to be of tremendous economic benefit, bringing jobs to Canadians through the creation of approximately 1 500 employment opportunities over the life of the project."

The approximately $880 million capital investment is part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to modernize the infrastructure for the Department of National Defence. It furthermore reflects the Government’s continued commitment to supporting job creation and economic growth, keeping Canadian streets, families and communities safe from crime and terrorism, and mapping out the road to economic recovery, growth and jobs for Canadian workers.

The LTA project, first announced in May 2009, is being implemented through a public-private partnership to design, build, finance, and maintain a 72 000 square metre (m2) facility comprised of both office and special purpose space in Ottawa’s east end.

Following successful negotiations between the preferred proponent and Defence Construction Canada (DCC), and expenditure authority by the Government, a contract is expected to be signed by the end of January 2011. Construction is expected to begin in spring 2011.

CSE plays a key role within the Government of Canada, providing the following services:

  • the acquisition of foreign signals intelligence in support of defence and foreign policy;
  • the protection of electronic information and communication; and
  • the provision of technical and operational assistance to federal law enforcement agencies in the performance of their lawful duties.