Life at CSE

It’s possible that you have never heard of CSE. As a security and intelligence agency, we aren’t known to keep a high profile. Our organization works quietly, competently and tirelessly doing Top Secret work to protect our way of life.

While we can’t say too much about what we do, it’s no secret that CSE is an excellent career choice. We are one of the National Capital’s Top Employers.

Life at CSE is all about bringing together some of the brightest and most talented minds in Canada to share ideas and inspire each other in a supportive work environment that thrives on innovation. CSE employees are a diverse group with expertise in many different areas. What unites us is a shared desire to succeed - because everyone here has a vital part to play in our mission.

We want you to enjoy yourself too. So, while we work hard, we also play hard.

This could mean getting involved with our sports activities – including hockey, softball and beach volleyball - or any of a wide variety of interest clubs, such as the Youth Professional Network, Aspiring Leaders Network, Book Club, Photography Club, or the Kryptos Society.

We’d be the first to say that if you would like to start a club you would like to share with others, go for it!

Throughout the year, we also offer various activities, workshops, presentations and noon-hour sessions on family dynamics, parenting, stress management and other topics relating to health, wellness and well-being. Interested in trying out yoga? Want to give meditation a try? Or, if you prefer socializing online, you can share your thoughts on one of our many internal social media tools and online communities.

Meanwhile, during your breaks at work, you can go for a walk, run or cycle in the beautiful nearby green space along the Rideau River. And should you wish, you can jog or cycle to work and make use of our showers and locker rooms or go for a workout at one of the nearby gyms.

In 2014, CSE will relocate to new accommodations, currently under construction. In addition to many impressive architectural details, the state-of-the-art facility will include a fitness centre, a variety of food service options and walking/running trails.

At CSE, our work matters. Make a choice to make a difference. Check our job opportunities now.

A Sense of belonging

As a security and intelligence agency, we recognize that new employees join us without knowing a great deal about our organization. We believe that our approach to hiring, known as “cohort” hiring, creates the conditions for a successful integration into CSE for new employees.

CSE employees begin work with us on set intake dates as part of a group. Together, you and your group will move through our orientation program before being assigned to your individual teams.

The cohort hiring process allows new employees to form lasting friendships and working relationships – across the entire organization - that will be beneficial in their career.

On your first day at CSE, you will join your group and attend CSE's Employee Orientation Program, known as the Foundational Learning Curriculum or “FLC”. This 7-day orientation was designed to equip you with all the relevant information you need to successfully launch your CSE career.

What’s the FLC all about? You will attend a series of presentations and workshops about CSE's mandate, the policies that govern CSE activities and you’ll get more details on CSE programs and services. You will also participate in a Services Fair and learn about key services available to support you in your work.

Once you have completed the FLC, all members of your cohort group will then join their respective teams.

Community Involvement

Part of the CSE work culture includes a commitment to giving back to the community. We’re proud of the efforts our employees make in the local community. Some examples include:

  • CSE employees and managers participate actively in the annual Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign. In 2015, CSE employees raised more than $ 350,000.00 – our most successful campaign ever.
    • In recent years, CSE has targeted its donations to Military Family Resource Centers and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
  • CSE employees have also created a program called MATH X. Through this program, CSE employees identify and develop presentations and activities to increase student interest in developing math skills. They also visit schools (elementary and high schools) to make presentations to students.
  • CSE employees have also participated for more than a decade in a cycle-a-thon for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. This group has regularly raised more than $5000.00 through their annual participation.


CSE’s work is all about protecting Canadians- our interests, our communities and our livelihood - so it's important to us that we reflect the richness of society in our workforce.

At CSE, we believe in embracing new ideas and new approaches from the people that matter - our employees.

We recognize that CSE employees are all individuals. And as individuals, we want you to feel connected to your work, and respected and valued for the different contributions that you can make.

By embracing individuality and creating an inclusive culture we aim to enable everyone to simply be themselves at work. We understand that when you feel able to give your best, we all win.